The Central Alentejo region, with regard to the quantity, quality and diversity of its heritage resources (both material and immaterial), must be able to support cooperation networks that can contribute towards strengthening this Region as a cultural, artistic and tourist attraction.

The “Alentejo em Cena” (Alentejo on Stage) initiative appears in this context as an integrative plan of cultural activities to be implemented in 12 of Central Alentejo municipalities, in terms of programmes and articulated cultural events, organized according to thematic cycles and covering several artistic components.

We also expect to organise a series of cross-cutting activities, organized by CIMAC, aimed at enhancing the results of the municipal activities, at reinforcing cooperation between municipalities and encouraging the debate and reflection on issues related to different cultural topics.

“Alentejo em Cena” is part of the “Valorização, promoção e desenvolvimento do património histórico e cultural de Évora e da região envolvente” (Enhancement, promotion and development of the historic and cultural heritage of Évora and its surroundings) a project, co-financed by the Programa Alentejo 2020, within the scope of an enlarged regional partnership led by the Entidade Regional de Turismo do Alentejo. The “Alentejo em Cena” activities, all free, will take place between February 2017 and December 2018.


The President of CIMAC


Hortênsia Menino

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